About us

Ten years ago, Narcity Media Group was founded because we (millennials) couldn't relate to the traditional media of the time. We craved content that was engaging, fun, and shareable — something we’d be excited to talk about with friends.

Today, we've come full circle. New audiences (Gen Z) aren't connecting with written content and current media offerings. They seek information and entertainment through fast-paced social media storytelling. Having pioneered the digital media landscape in Canada, we are in the best position to lead the change and provide creators with the tools they need to reinvent local media once again.

With over a decade of experience in growing large, engaged followings with our media brands Narcity and MTL Blog, we understand the unique challenges creators face — we've been down this road before. Our goal is to pave the way for them and help accelerate their journey.

The Boulevard team is focused on empowering content creators to transition from passion projects to successful careers.

Our events journey

We launched Boulevard in early 2024 with in-person events in Toronto to bring the online feed to life. Meeting countless content creators over the past decade, we recognized the need for human connections. Our successful food and fashion events confirmed this demand.

While these events were exciting, we couldn't keep up with the growing interest. Creators sought connections, guidance, and support to monetize their efforts. Our events offered valuable networking, but we knew we could do more.
Thus, the Boulevard Community was born.

Expanding our mission, Boulevard is now becoming a global platform that offers not only the networking opportunities of our events but also comprehensive training, meaningful connections, and possibilities for collaboration. 

We are committed to providing everything creators need, ensuring they aren't isolated on this hard yet fun journey.
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